• By letting Altos monitor the air around you all the time, you will get both more productive and also more healthy

    Check out Stefan Swartling's review of Altos.
  • How stale air steals your money

    Have you ever got stuck on a task for no apparent reason? Here’s a clue: your brain lacks fuel for work. According to multiple scientific studies, people’s cognitive performance depends directly on what air they breathe. The more CO2 is in the air, the less productive we are in our thinking process.
  • CO2 Brain Performance: How Air Composition Affects Human Cognition

    Imagine a meeting room at the end of the day: people are coming and going, the air is stale and stuffy, everyone’s tired and out of ideas. You’re yawning and feel distracted, not able to make any single decision… Sounds familiar? The reason is ridiculously simple, but we often leave it out of account: the air composition doesn’t fit for productive work.